Personal Profile: Antoinette Aubert

My name is Antoinette Aubert and I share this lair with my husband of 11 years, Richard. I am a former child advocate. I spent 10 years working with abused children, but I left the field for reasons that could fill an entire web page. I will write an article about it one day. I hope one day to return to working for children, but I fill the hours now as an administrator for an auto leasing company called FELCO Commercial Services. If you are interested in an auto lease by the way you can call me at 800-331-1290.

I also write articles for a newspaper in Pennsylvania called The Hearthstone Press. I met the editor at an on-line service for those of a conservative mind called TownHall. He asked me to write some book reviews and I sent him some skating articles and he published them anyway. With the skating season over I am going to try to expand my repertoire of articles. If you live in the Upper Perkiomen area in Penn (and even if you don't), you can subscribe to a great local paper with really in depth skating coverage by writing The Hearthstone Press, P.O. Box 446, Red Hill, PA 18076-0446. (There that ought to make the editor very happy)

Richard and I have two cats, Demeter and Truffle, who are very kind enough to let us feed them and pet them and generally put up with us. We live in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California, because Richard is an engineer and this is engineer territory. Besides figure skating my interests include rubber stamp art. I have a huge collection of rubber stamps that I do not use often enough to justify the amount of money I have put into them. I like music, classical, musical theater, the big bands, Gershwin, just about everything that was composed before I was born. Of modern music I am generally....unimpressed. I like old movies, Cary Grant, Gene Kelly and John Wayne are my all time favorite movie stars.

As far as figure skating my favorites are very numerous. Scott Hamilton used to be my favorite skater of all until he went down the Three Stooges lane with "Cuban Pete" and then ended up in camp hell with his "Hair" routine. I may forgive him for that, but not soon. I love Robin Cousins, Scott Williams, Paul Wylie and some of Kurt Browning (like Scott he has a tendency to bufoonish routines) My favorite lady skaters include Dorothy Hamill, Lisa Marie Allen, Midori Ito, Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. We have a section of our site dedicated to figure skating.

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