Cat's Lair Palm Pilot Page

Currently I have two things available for download for the Palm:

AAA Font Viewer

This app shows all three primary fonts (Standard, Bold, Large) on one form so you can quickly see the results of what you picked with FontHack 123 . It will also let you preview fonts without having to select them in FontHack123. You can get a bunch of fonts to play with, packaged together with FontHack123 and HackMaster, in the Alpha Font Collection .


  • Display ROM fonts (sort to top of list)
  • display range of defined glyphs at bottom of form
  • Establish font classes (see readme.txt)
  • add popup to select font class to display
  • use font-specific demo text for symbol & led fonts
  • fixed crash when last font deleted
  • fixed crash when run if no fonts loaded
  • Handles multiple fonts per font database
  • Font list is sorted
  • Use "largebold" font instead of "large" because the built-in apps offer choice of std/bold/largebold not std/bold/large
  • "small font" problem fixed
  • select fonts with up/down keys
0.530-Mar-2000can now delete font databases
0.428-Mar-2000added direct font preview
0.125-Feb-2000initial release


(For Win95/98/NT) This program lets you see the Palm database name, creator code & type for all those .pdb and .prc files in your backup directory.

C:> pdbhdr h*.*
                        file    creat   type    name
               HackBroom.PRC    HBro    appl    HackBroom
                 HackDel.PRC    MjUd    HACK    HackDel
                HeapInfo.PRC    PQhi    appl    HeapInfo
                  Hearts.PRC    Hrts    appl    Hearts
                   Hello.PRC    Helo    appl    Hello
                 HexCalc.PRC    HexC    appl    HexCalc
            HexCalcPrefs.PDB    HexC    Save    HexCalcPrefs
                  hkfont.PDB    Font    Font    hkfont
                   HMaki.PRC    hk02    appl    HMaki
                HushHack.PRC    jHHk    HACK    HushHack
                 HWRsrcA.PRC    hiwa    rsrc    HWRsrcA
                 HWRsrcB.PRC    hiwb    rsrc    HWRsrcB
          HyperHack_apps.PDB    dwHY    Apps    HyperHack apps
         HyperHack_links.PDB    dwHY    Link    HyperHack links
                hyprhack.PRC    dwHY    HACK    hyprhack