Introducing the newest resident of Cat's Lair. Alice is a three month old kitten we adopted from Towncats, a local cat rescue organization. She is named in honor of Alice In Wonderland, because she is curiouser and curiouser, and would undoubtedly climb into any rabbit hole she found. She is very fond of lying on faces at three in the morning and the traditional pouncing on anything that moves.

We were a little worried about introducing a new kitten to our maniac Truffle. And at first Truffle hissed and fussed and let her displeasure be known. But now Truffle has accepted the new little pouncer. As a matter of fact Truffle is being amazingly tolerant of Alice. Alice is constantly pouncing on Truffle and Truffle just shrugs her off. She hisses a bit but she has never bitten or in any way hurt Alice which is very nice of Truffle. Alice seems not at all disturbed by the fact that Truffle is 5 times her size. It is very nice of Truffle to let Alice live.


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