Figure Skating Today: The Next Wave of Stars

A fan's book on international skating stars -- today's best and tomorrow's brightest. Available for pre-order now from

A Skating Life: My Story

Autobiography of Dorothy Hamill, due out this fall. Available for pre-order now from

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What's New as of 02-Nov-2010

Nov 2010
We WILL be going to SouthWest Pacs.

I must apologize to those who signed release forms for us last year, I never got their photos to them. This has not been a good year for us and I got distracted. I will try to get them out after SWPacs, when I get those pics out.

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Figure Skating Today: The Next Wave of Stars

A fan's book on international skating stars -- today's best and tomorrow's brightest. Figure Skating Today showcases the skaters during the events of the 2006-07 season, including the Grand Prix Finals, the Europeans and the Four Continents, and the 2007 World Championships in Tokyo.

Available for pre-order now.

A Skating Life: My Story

Autobiography of Dorothy Hamill, due out this fall. Available for pre-order now.

The Declaration Of Independence

This is an illustrated version of the Declaration of Independence. Each sentence of the Declaration is illustrated to explain it's meaning. So well done that Marshall was mesmerized by it when he was only 4 years old. In fact it is so well done that it explains some of the more obscure language to grown ups as well as kids. If you want your child to understand what Independence Day is all about this is the book to buy.

The Journey of the One and Only Declaration of Independence

Marshall also likes this book.

From School Library Journal:

Few Americans are aware that "the Declaration of Independence has had more homes than a traveling circus." St. George reveals its interesting, sometimes perilous journey across time since Thomas Jefferson penned the words in 1776. Each leg of the trip is described in bouncy, interactive prose leading to a logical conclusion and a question for readers.

1776 (Restored Director's Cut)

Finally, the must-see film for Independance Day: 1776. Everything in this country's founding is touched upon, from Congress ruling on the color of uniforms, to the suffering of the men at Valley Forge. Great detail and research went into the writing of the script. The dialogue spoken by such men as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin is from their actual speeches, letters and diaries. We see these great men as they really were, complex, principled and courageous. I watch it every year on or about the Fourth and I can think of no better way for children, and most adults to learn about and celebrate the unique circumstances that brought about the founding of this great nation.

Second Mark

After the Salt Lake City Olympics I thought I had heard all I wanted to hear about the Pairs Competition. When I heard a new book about the SLC scandal was coming out I thought "who cares" what more can be said about that. But to my surprise The Second Mark turned out to be engrossing, a true couldn't put it down book.

The book is fascinating, not for re-hashing the much hashed story about the Franco/Russo conspiracy that fixed the 2002 Olympic Pairs competition, but for the mesmerizing story of how the teams made it to the Olympics in the first place. The book focuses on all three teams that won medals in Salt Lake City; Russians Yelena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, Canadians Jamie Sale and David Pelletier and Chinese Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo. The book tells the story of how each team first entered skating, became pairs skaters and made their way up the torturous ladder to the Olympic games.

By far the most compelling, and inspiring story, is the story of the Chinese team Xue Shen and Honbo Zhao. The stories of the other two teams were very well publicized long before Salt Lake City. Yelena Berezhnaya's harrowing head injury at the hands of a former partner is very well known. But Shen and Zhao's story has not been told before and is the most fascinating of the three teams. I was a fan of Shen and Zhao's skating before I read this book, reading it made me admire them off the ice as well.

With Shen and Zhao now on the brink of leaving competitive skating for a while, perhaps forever, it is moving to look back at how it all began for them. I highly recommend this book.

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