Cat's Lair Photo Policy & Pricing

All skating photographs on Cat's Lair copyright by Richard M. Hartman and Antoinette M. Aubert unless labeled otherwise.

Copies may be made for personal use (desktop wallpaper, etc.), but photos may not be altered, published or redistributed in any way without our permission.  If you wish to use any of our photos on your web site, ask us.  Please include the URL of your site in the request.  Generally permission is given as long as the photo is properly credited to us, and a link to Cat's Lair is provided.

Prints can be ordered by e-mail at the prices shown below.  Prices are based on local cost of processing and not for commercial gain. Postage is not included in price.

Price List
4x6* $2.00
5x7 $8.00
8x10 $16.00

*: 4x6 prints are reprinted straight from the negative, and are not cropped