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Cat's Lair 2001 U.S. Nationals Diaries


16-Jan-2001: Tourist Day

Updated: 20-Jan-2001
Cover Page
Day 1: 14-Jan-2001
Novice Short Programs
Day 2: 15-Jan-2001
Novice Free Skate
Day 3: 16-Jan-2001
Tourist Day
Day 4: 17-Jan-2001
Day 5: 18-Jan-2001
Jr. Ladies' Short Program
Day 6: 19-Jan-2001
Coming soon (maybe ...): Sr. Ladies' Freeskate
Day 7: 20-Jan-2001
Jr. Ladies' Freeskate

No skating report for today, we took the day off to tour the city and saw Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church and Old Ironsides. We have to come back here sometime when it's not winter though ...

Updated: 17-Jan-2001