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Cat's Lair 2001 U.S. Nationals Diaries


18-Jan-2001: Jr. Ladies Short Program

Updated: 20-Jan-2001
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Jr. Ladies' Short Program
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Jr. Ladies' Freeskate

Junior Ladie's Short Program

Okay I am so confused by the judging. So I am going to assume that the judges are not a bunch of weasels, but I am a bad reporter. Take anything I write about jumps with a grain of sand, because if what I think the jumps were is correct than the judging makes no sense. Also I freely admit I am not Louis or Sandra, I can't count revolutions in spins, or always know when an edge is correct. I am just a fan with a love of artistry over jumps.

Oh and again, note taking is limited to when Marshall doesn't need something. So little skatie girl, if you don't see a lot written about you it is because the baby was fussy not because I didn't like you. (I live in fear and dread of hurting the feelings of one of these hard working and very cute athletes.)

Lindsey Weber
Very elegant skater. She landed a triple sal/double toe, a triple out of footwork and a double axel. Her circular footwork was excellent.
Amber Czisny
So adorable I could eat her with a spoon. Fabulous presentation, very sparkly. She did triple sal/double toe with extra turns between the jumps. Double out of steps and a double axel. Fast, pretty spins with excellent extension. Pretty spirals also with excellent extension. Cute choreography with little dance moves.
Kailee Watson
She did the triple sal fine, but then popped the toe in her combination. She did a double out of steps, I think, and a double axel.
Louann Donovan
Well I liked her, so you know the poor thing is doomed. She had really good flow, very good footwork that included a split jump. Nice spiral and a nice layback. Unfortunately she fell on her combo, fell out of her double axel, did a double out of steps.
Katie Mulvaney
She did a triple sal/double toe, a double axel, and fell on the jump out of steps. She was very fast and had pretty spins.
Erica Aden
She skated to Gone With the Wind and her movements are really well timed to the music. She has in the immortal words of Dick Button "a beautiful back" so her jumps were very pretty and very fast. She did triple sal/double toe and a double axel, she fell on her jump out of steps. She left a thank you note for me at the hotel desk last night, which makes her the world record holder for thank you notes!
Collete Irving
Gee another really graceful girl. We have some lovely artists coming up the ranks, take that you hunched over Russian hacks! Triple/double combo was fine as was her double axel, she fell on the triple out of steps. She did an ina baur and a split jump in her footwork. She has very graceful, pretty arm movements. Coached by the Scotvold's. My goodness they have a lot of these up and comers.
Amanda Fritz
Very pretty spirals, really extends her moves well, just gorgeous line. She fell on her combo, did a double out of steps and a double axel fine. Good flow.
Jordana Blesa
I was not in the audience for her combination, but I saw her triple out of steps and her double axel and they were huge and had great speed coming out of them. I thought she would be top three, but as I said the judging mystified me. (Okay moment on my soap box here. It seemed that the developed girls were marked lower than the tiny ones. It seemed the judges don't want skaters who have been through puberty.)
Allissa Czisny
Okay after getting on my soap box about the pro-tiny girl bias, I will now wax poetic about how much I loved this tiny girl. She is a swan birdie on ice, elegant, graceful and cute. She did a Bielman spin and a Charlotte, though she didn't hold the Charlotte very long. She landed double out of steps, fell on the double axel and then popped the triple in her combo before landing the double toe. Gorgeous layback spin.
Joanna Glick
Woah she has been working hard since last year. She is very fast now and her jumps are more powerful. She had excellent footwork. Her spins were amazing, great extension and speed, she did a very nice catch foot layback, a Bielman with incredible stretch and one of those Rudy hold your leg in front of your face spins, with better extension than anyone I have seen. She tried a triple lutz comb and fell, landed a triple out of steps and a double axel.
Lindsey Berg
Popped a lutz, did a double axel and alas that is all the notes I have for her.
Joan Cristobal
Elegant and graceful with nice flow. I thought she only did a double out of steps, but then she should not be in first place, so maybe I made a mistake. She did do a fine Triple sal/double toe combo and double axel.

Updated: 20-Jan-2001