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Cat's Lair 2001 U.S. Nationals Diaries


17-Jan-2001: Jr. Men Short Program

Updated: 20-Jan-2001
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Junior Men Short 2001

We skipped yesterday's events to tour this city. I love Boston, it is Disneyland for history buffs. Too much to see in between skating. We have to come back some day just to see John Adams house which is closed for winter, pout. John Adams is my favorite founding father.

As I write this I have no idea what the results are. Here are my notes, which Marshall scribbled all over, so reading them is an experience. Hey momma is writing in the book, Marshall wants to do that too.

For those who are visiting Catslair for the first time, here is my disclaimer. I can't always tell what a jump is, hence the constant references to a triple or a double, if I know the jump and see it clearly I report it. Just cause I don't say a jump is a triple lutz, doesn't mean it wasn't one. Hey you try reporting on skating with a one year old on your lap. Do they have a Hall of Fame for skating fans?

Michael Villareal
Landed a triple lutz/double toe combination. His triple out of steps was fine, and his double axel had particularly nice flow out of it. He had nice speed and positions in his combo spin. He is a very clean skater with good line.
Michael Sasaki
Combo was triple lutz/double toe with a step out of the lutz. He did a very good double axel and a double jump out of steps. He had a nice straight back in his sit spin.
Mauro Bruni
He wore a bright red vest. His combo was triple lutz/double toe and he fell out of the lutz. Stepped out of the double axel and I have nothing written down about his jump out of steps. He also had a nice back in his sit spin (see, Timmy, this is how it is done) Better footwork than most.
Rusty Fein
He wore gray velour pants and a flowy gray shirt. He landed a triple lutz/double toe combo, double axel and triple out of steps were all fine. He did rather complicated footwork with good flow. Good presentation.
Parker Pennington
Combo was a high triple lutz/double toe. He stepped out of the double axel and fell out of the triple out of steps. He had good speed which he maintained throughout the program, fast spins and a pretty camel spin.
Sam-Tyler Dafoe
He wore leather pants and skated with a tough guy attitude. I swear he was curling his lips like Elvis. I didn't like it, but it was good presentation. He did a triple/double combo and only a double jump out of steps. I completely missed his axel so I have no idea how he did on that.
Nicholas LaRoche
Triple lutz/triple toe combo with his hand down. His triple out of steps was fine and he held a very nice deep edge after his double axel. He had great, fast flow, just floated over the ice. Very fast spins. I am pretty sure that combo was triple/triple, but it was so fast and high I think it overpowered him. Aggressive jumper.
Benjamin Miller
I have had a soft spot for him since he was a novice and skated to Barry Manilow. And now he is a much better skater, with much improved speed and higher jumps. He did a triple/triple combo and his triple out of steps was fine, but he stepped out of the axel. He was very fast, but unfortunately he had slow spins and he just barely got in the rotations in his camel. He had his usually big smile on his face and great presentation.
Shaun Rogers
He was fast. He fell on his combo, and his double axel and triple out of steps were fine.
Dennis Phan
He had good presentation, actually smiled right at the judges. His triple/double combo was fine as was his double axel, but he fell on his triple out of steps. Good speed in his footwork, He was doing really well until that solo jump at the end of his program.
Rohene Ward
He did an incredibly high split jump in warm up, but not in the program. He skated to Istanbul and wore a sheer t-shirt with a tube top underneath. He popped the lutz, did a fine double axel and triple out of steps. He did the Oksana doughnut spin, and also did a few Oksana style stumbles in his connecting steps, and a stumble in the bow. His program was not well designed, he opened with the axle and then combo, both in the same corner.
Pierre Balian
He did a triple/double combo, double axel was fine and his jump out of steps he put his hand down. He did a full circle spread eagle with great line.

Updated: 17-Jan-2001