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Cat's Lair 2001 U.S. Nationals Diaries


20-Jan-2001: Jr. Ladies' Freeskate

Updated: 20-Jan-2001
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Jr. Ladies' Short Program
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Jr. Ladies' Freeskate

Ok, in an effort to keep current, we just skip ahead to this mornings events ...

Junior Ladies Free

Oh my gosh! It's almost over and I haven't written a word about the amazing bus rides, or the hotels or all the skaters who have ooooed and aaaaaaaahed over my baby. There is just too much at a Nationals to be able to report everything AND be able to see everything.

But I do have to take the time to write about the amazing people at the medical suite. Marshall got a fever yesterday, oh I was so worried. I knew where the medical suite for the skaters is (you go to enough of these things you learn stuff) and though I would never dream of going there for me or Richard I figured people would understand if I brought my baby there. Well they did understand and they were so nice. I just wanted someone to take his temperature because I wanted to make sure it wasn't serious. Well they have a pediatrician right there in the suite and she actually gave Marshall a little mini-exam (at home that exam would cost my insurance company $115.) She said he looked okay and if the motrin brought his fever down it would be okay to take him to the skating.

Marshall is much better today. But without the medical suite people I don't know what we would have done. And I hope that putting this on the internet won't get anyone into trouble.

Okay on to the skating. Wow, wow, wow! These girls were great. And I am so impressed with the artistry, grace and musicality of the whole group in general. In just the five years since my first nationals I have seen the artistic quality of junior ladys grow incredibly. Of course I credit Michelle Kwan for making artistry important again, and for setting such a fine example.

Katie Mulvaney
She fell on a triple sal and landed another triple sal. Landed two double axels and did a cute little fist pumping thing after the second axel. She held her spirals nicely and had a good circular step sequence.
Kailee Watson
Landed a tripe sal/double toe, then fell on her lutz, fell on another triple, then landed double axel, triple sal and double axel/double toe. She never gave up after those first two falls and kept pushing through and attacking the other jumps, good for her. She had a lovely ina baur and a blur scratch at the end.
Erica Aden
Landed a triple sal/double toe and a triple sal, landed at least one double axel, but fell on her triple loop and popped another triple. She had great positions in her spins, especially her sit spin with a very straight back. She also has very good, difficult, circular steps.
Joanna Glick
Sputter, sputter, sputter!!!! This was obscene, this girl wasn't just robbed, she was mugged. Okay Joanna is friend of mine, but the people sitting behind me don't even know her and they were as outraged as I am. She landed at least 4 triples, and she got technical marks in the low 4s!!!!! What is this!?!?!? Highway robbery that's what this is! It's a shame they don't tar and feather people in this town anymore, or maybe we could throw the judges into the harbor. Okay she landed a triple lutz! She also landed a lutz/toe comb that might have been a triple but I couldn't tell for sure. She also landed triple sal, triple loop and another triple. She has a beautiful layback with a deep arch and a good freeleg position. She did this layback glide. She had good speed, flow and carriage and should be on the podium!!
Louann Donovan
Good speed in this girl. She landed a triple loop, fell on a triple lutz, stepped out of the triple sal and had a very high double axel. Also a pretty layback spin. Boy has Dick Button won the layback wars.
Amanda Fritz
This girl defines willowy. I lost track of her jumps, but she is a very pretty skater who moves well..
Lindsey Berg
Double axel, hand down on the lutz, fell on a triple, landed triple loop, fell on something I can't read in my notes [Marshall likes to "take notes" in Momma's book too -rmh], popped a lutz, landed a triple sal/double toe, landed a double axel. Another one who kept on fighting. She did a pretty falling leaf in her circular steps.
Jordana Blesa
Another one who I lost track of. She fell at least once. But the jumps she did land were powerful with great flow coming out of them.

Okay I have very few notes on the final flight. They were all very pretty, artistic skaters, but I lost track completely on who landed what.

Alissa Czisny
Landed a double lutz/double toe, three triples, one a triple/double and one a triple lutz. She was very fast. Had very fast spins that included a Bielman spin. Did two very high, very extended split jumps. Very graceful.
Lindsey Weber
Fell on one triple, then landed a triple/double/double series. Landed a triple sal/double toe and smiled a lot.
Amber Czisny
Don't ask me what jumps she did. She has great presentation, is a lot of fun to watch and she spun in both directions.
I have no notes on Joan Cristobal, who won, or on Collette Irving. Joan did land quite a number of triples, she is very flowing and fast skater. She was exuberant at the end of her program. Collete is very delicate and balletic, she seemed to be doing a lot of doubles that I can only assume were meant to be triples.

Updated: 20-Jan-2001