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Cat's Lair 2002 Nationals Diary

Jan. 6-13, 2002


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Day 1: 6-Jan-2002
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Cat's Lair 2002 Nationals Diary

Jan. 6-13, 2002

We're off to Los Angeles for Nationals. Already we are very annoyed at the recently announced policies concerning thrown stuffed animals, arena re-entry and bus pass sales. Stay tuned for further developments when things really get underway.

By the way, since there are few other places on the web where you can find novice and junior event reports, we do intend on filling them all in eventually. Unfortunately the overhead of shuttling Marsall to and from his aunt's ate in to the editing & posting time. After Nationals we are continuing on a little real vacation.

We apologize for the lack of timeliness (this hardly qualifies as a "diary" anymore), but we will post the rest of the reports when Antoinette can type them up. In addition there will be photos once we get home and can get them developed and scanned in. Keep checking back for progress! -rmh

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