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Cat's Lair 2002 Nationals Diary

Jan. 6-13, 2002


2002 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships

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We do not have notes for:

  • Senior Ladies Short
  • Senior Mens Free
  • Junior Pairs Free
(or any of the dance programs)

2002 Jr. Pairs Short Program

Briana McInerney & Joseph Jergens
Did a lift with a flip out dismount. Side by side jumps were okay. She fell on the throw. Their twist was good, caught with hands not body. Eleventh place.
Emma Phipps & Devin Patrick
Twist was caught against his body not with the hands. They did side by side axels. She stepped out of the throw. They had good speed. Seventh place.
Colette Appel & Lee Harris
They had a nice pair spin. Their twist had a good hand catch. They did side by side double loops. The throw was good but did not get much distance. They are a very polished team. Second place.
Christie Baca & Scott Smith
The Scott Smith who competes in junior pairs is NOT the Scott Smith that competes in Senior Men. They did axels and fell on them, I don't remember if she fell or he fell or both fell. The throw was fine. They had a nice dismount from their lift in which she does the splits on the way down. Third place.
Janice Mayne & Josh Martin
For those who don't know Josh's mom, Bonnie Martin, died just a couple of weeks before Nationals. My heart really goes out to him and his dad. I am amazed that he managed to skate at all under the circumstances never mind skate as well as he did. Their short program was very good. The only problem was she lost the landing on the side by side axels and fell to her knee. Sixth place.
Brittany Karlon & Scott Corbin
They skated to James Bond music. They did side by side double axels; she fell, he stepped out. I have something written here that I can not read. And their throw was okay. Twelfth place.
Tiffany Vise & Laureano Ibarra
They skated to the music from the Cutting Edge. This led to our group having a discussion about what a gosh awful movie that is. She stepped out of the double axels. Everything else they did was good. They are mirror skaters. Fourth place.

The rest of my notes are genuine Marshall Hartman artwork, some people would call it scribbling, but I bet Marshall could get an NEA grant with it. Anyway, evidently Marshall would not let me take any more notes.

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